Problems with append argument in lilo.conf

Problems with append argument in lilo.conf

Post by (Phil Stevens » Sat, 12 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I've got a Red Hat 5.1 installation on an AMD K6 machine with 104MB
RAM. The kernel only recognizes 64MB (not a surprise). If I pass the
argument "mem=104M" at boot, the system comes up seeing all the RAM.
However, I cannot get the append command syntax right in my lilo.conf.
I've tried about half a dozen permutations, and all fail - most with
improper syntax reported in dmesg. A reading of man(5) lilo.conf
indicates the following syntax:

append = "mem=xxM"

but the How To says not to use spaces within arguments, viz:


Both fail. Aarrgghh. Anyone have the magic words? Thanks.



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I managed to get Linux running on my Value Point from a boot

However, when I try to make DOS the first stanza in the
lilo.conf file, I get an error at the line that has 'append =
"hd=1010,12,55"'.  If I make Linux the first stanza it works fine.

I want to have my machine boot into DOS as default, and let me choose
Linux from the lilo prompt.

Any ideas on what lilo is thinking?



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