Install of Enlightenment

Install of Enlightenment

Post by EWeges » Thu, 13 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Hey everyone!
I've recently tried to compile Enlightenment, and when I try to load it, I get
 an error message saying something about not being able to open X display.

Can anyone think of any ideas why this may be???



1. I need Enlightenment on Enlightenment

I'm trying to install Enlightenment on my linux machine!
It uses redhat 4.2 for intel.
My Problem is with Imlib... if i get the rpms then i get an invalid data
type 9 errror when trying to install them... if i get the binary??? (
don't know if that's what u call them, they end in tar.gz ) it says i
have missing files (there were others but this was one of them
selectbits.h) when i try to compile it... i.e. when i run: make
Everything else Installs OK... or at least i think they did... i didn't
see any errors...
So i have Enlightenment installed... ImagMagick installed and just need
Note: i tried Imlib 1.1 and 1.2 I get different errors...
I'm at a loss... is it my redhat installaton???
When i installed Redhat i checked  [x] install everyrthing!
Since then i have installed XFree86 3.3.2 it works okay...

If anyone can help please do!!!
I am a newbie and struggling with this beast....
And if anyone can let me know how to capture or cut and paste errors
from the screen in a Linux shell, that would help me in my journey.
Please respond via Email... or to this group...


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