Annoucing AUIS 6.3 Packages

Annoucing AUIS 6.3 Packages

Post by Terry Glie » Mon, 30 May 1994 05:47:47

This is to announce that a complete, new series of packages of the
Andrew User Interface System (AUIS) have been made available for Linux.
These are available via anonymous FTP from  After
moving from pub/Linux/Incoming, the files will reside in

This is a completely new release, based on AUIS 6.3 as it was just
released to the X Consortium.  The full source will be available with
the contributed portion of X11R6.  These packages REPLACE all versions
previously available at sunsite.  I have grouped the full 40MB of
compiled programs and data into several logical "packages".  These
should run on most any reasonably current version of Linux (I used
Slackware 1.2.0 with the 1.0 Linux kernel).

The software has been configured for the relatively novice community.
The software comes in tar files varying from 0.8MB to almost 4.0MB in
size.  Everything is based on the word processing package which will fit
on one diskette and only requires about 4.5MB after being extracted.

The following packages are available:

auis63L0-wp.lsm         Summary for    EZ - the Word Processor
auis63L0-wp.tgz         Contains textviews, help, image, figure, raster,
                        typescript, pipescript ...

auis63L0-src.lsm        Summary for    EZ - for Source Code Development
auis63L0-src.tgz        Contains all the srcviews, bush...  (requires -wp package)

auis63L0-mail.lsm       Summary for    Messages - MIME Mail Interface
auis63L0-mail.tgz       Contains messages et al  (requires -wp package)
                        (no support for AFS, AMDS, or White Pages)

auis63L0-doc.lsm        Summary for    AUIS Complete Documentation
auis63L0-doc.tgz        Contains all the doc, help and sample files
                        (requires -wp package)

auis63L0-dev.lsm        Summary for    Developing Your Own AUIS Applications
auis63L0-dev.tgz        Contains adew, libraries, includes, etc.
                        (requires -src package)


1. AUIS 6.3 setup


I'm trying to set up the Andrew toolkit on a new Linux system installed using
Slackware 3.0.  Copying and installing the files is easy enough, but when I try
to run an application (e.g. ez or auishelp) I get the following error:

can't find library ''

I assume this is an older version of the X11 shared libraries, however there is
a link with this name in /usr/X11/lib.  Is there something I'm missing here?
Is there an environment variable or path used by the andrew applications.  Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


J. Charters

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