SB Live! Software and Redhat 7

SB Live! Software and Redhat 7

Post by Tomi Kinnune » Wed, 07 Feb 2001 18:14:20

Hello to all Linuxists,

I'm a newbie to Linux, just installed Redhat 7. I have few questions about the use of Sound Blaster
Live! 1024 on this system:

1. Is there available SAME KIND of DRIVERS for Linux than the Live!Ware package in Windows?
        ( The ability to control all DSP-effects available in the card real-time, applied e.g. to guitar
          "multi-effects processor" ? )

2. I apologize that I have to use "Windowz terminology" :-), but I'd also need the 'corresponding' audio

        * "FastTracker / MadTracker"
                - Some good tracker to build music from samples & instruments.

        * "SoundForge"
                (btw., THE BEST audio editing software ever made, IMO !!)
                - Adding all possible effects with software to audio files,
                  ( including Compression,Reverb,Delay,Bending,Fading,Tapping,
                  EQ,Flanger,Chorus, etc. etc. etc. )

        * "MultiQuence", "DDClip", "Vegas Audio", etc.
                - Multitrack editor/recorder.

Any useful help is very welcome !!! With best regards,

        Tomi K.


SB Live! Software and Redhat 7

Post by Henrik Nordhu » Thu, 08 Feb 2001 18:43:51

> Hello to all Linuxists,


There's an open-source driver set for the Live! series of cards that can be
found on
These drivers support most of the functions of the SB Live! cards,
including the Live! cradle, and game-ports if you have them. These are
updated almost daily (if you want to go bleedin' edge).
There's a couple of other Live! drivers for Linux as well, but none of them
(not even the commercial offering) have so many functions.
Creative are working on their own drivers for Linux, and have promised to
release a driver set with software comparable to their software for
Windows, but they haven't set a release date yet.
Henrik Nordhus