Pine: Folder Lock/Read Only for "users" (not root)

Pine: Folder Lock/Read Only for "users" (not root)

Post by aspi.. » Tue, 27 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Newsgroups: comp.mail.pine
Subject: Pine under Linux 1.1.59 - Folder Lock/Readonly
Date: 24 Jun 1995 01:18:59 GMT

Sorry if this is a FAQ, I run Pine under Linux (Slackware 2.1.0) and am having
a problem (that I probably cause <ughhh!>)...

Yes that dreaded "Folder is Readonly...Folder is another Process".
Nothing seems to fix this problem, which only affects regular users (not root).

Shutting down and rebooting doesn't fix it, and I cannot seem to find any
lock files.  The man-page for "pine" (man pine) refers to:

Per Folder Lock Files:   /tmp .\usr\spool\mail\****

(sorry if I am a complete idiot, but I don't even understand this convention of
 referring to a file <or path?> with the slashes going in the other direction???
 What does that mean?  I don't find any files other than the mail files for each
 username in /usr/spool/mail (symbolic link to /var/spool/mail)... and I don't
 understand what is meant by this switch in *slashes*.  Isn't that DOS type
 slashes ?)

Any help would be appreciated!  As I mentioned - I probably did something
stupid as root (ooops! Sysadmin BOOT CAMP here :-)
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