NNTP Under Linux Compile Probs

NNTP Under Linux Compile Probs

Post by Brian Kram » Sat, 06 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to compile nntp under linux and am getting an undefined
fstat_type...but can't find the definition anyplace.  Any ideas?
Anyone have a makefile and/or a conf.h for nntp to compile under linux?


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1. Has anybody got NNTP to compile under Linux?

     Just as the subject says, has anybody got NNTP to compile under Linux?
I tried compiling straight out of the box and it didn't compile.
Unfortunately I don't know enough about the various unices to know which
one Linux most closely resembles.  I've checked the major Linux sites for
patches for the Makefile, etc, but haven't found anything.  Any assistance
would be greatly appreciated.

     (Please reply in e-mail as I miss too much news here.  Thanks).



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