Keyboard mapping and

Keyboard mapping and

Post by Mike Mccla » Sun, 18 Feb 2001 05:04:09

Howdy Jem,
    Well we've exceeded my expertise, I'm just a novice who's
been exploring the key mappings lately trying to get bash's
readline editing functions and an editor (lpe) to work like I
    I noticed in the ash man page that both shells can use
/etc/profile and ~/.profile so anything done there would
be reflected in both shells.
    Is there any chance that ash is a link to bash?
'ls -l /bin/ash /bin/bash' will show same size if so.
    bash readline sources /etc/inputrc and/or ~/.inputrc to
do some keyboard remapping, but I don't think ash does.
    stty also does some mapping, 'stty -a' will show you what.
    The tools I've found for tracking down the mappings are:
1) stty's lnext function which is typically mapped to ^v or ^q,
    where ^==control.
2) dumpkeys especially the '-f' switch, but don't ignore the others
3) showkey -s -k -a all show different representations of the info
4) getkeycodes gives you another view of the scancode to keycode
5) bash's bind -d (for bash1) or -p (for bash2) will show bash
    I hope you'll share the answer when you find it.

I wish you luck,

 NO> Nope, I wouldn't be surprised either :-) But it is there :-(

 NO> If I type "cat" and hit enter lo-and-behold POUND SYMBOLS. As soon as I
 NO> hit ctrl-c and return to the shell prompt I can't get the pound symbol.

 NO> I've tried 2 different shells (ash & bash) and the result is the same.

 NO> Jem

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