LInux on Connectix Virtual PC

LInux on Connectix Virtual PC

Post by Juergen Helmer » Sat, 30 Aug 1997 04:00:00

> I would like to hear from anybody who has installed Linux on a Macintosh
> running Connectix Virtual PC.
> Thanks
> Chris Saylor

I tried to do so. It doesn't work. I tried redhat, Suse and slackware. You can boot of the
floppies and then you get one segmentation fault after the other. The setup programs seem to

with the suse distrib I came to the point where the setup program trys to format the
partitions. It wasn't able to do so. Maybe the harddrive simulation doesn't work.

I once tried to install Linux on a notebook and had the same problems. the trick was, to slow
the machine down (bios) after that it worked. Unfortunatly the Virtual PC doesn't have any
bios. (And of course it is already slow enogh...)

I think I might call Connectix about this, as the claim that one should be able to install NT
or NextStep...


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