AppleTalk(tm) for Linux(tm?)

AppleTalk(tm) for Linux(tm?)

Post by Arthur Donkers, HD311, 557 » Tue, 07 Jun 1994 16:56:31

Dear Linux community,

For a project of mine I have to connect a few disjunt AppleTalk(tm) networks.
What better way than to do this through Unix (Linux pref.).

Is there an AppleTalk(tm) server available for Linux (Unix) ?? (a la SMBserver)

Thanks in advance,

Arthur Donkers

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The .java_wrapper script does not execute properly on
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PRG=`which $0` >/dev/null 2>&1

does not execute the "which $0" command correctly.
An "echo $PRG" inserted after this line yields the
following upon execution of any of the symbolic links
to this file (./javac temp):

which: no ./javac in (/usr/local/bin:...etc...:/usr/local/java/bin)


dirname: too many arguments looks like a problem with bash to me.  Any similar
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