can anyone access it.. can anyone access it..

Post by Will Renk » Tue, 28 Jan 2003 23:16:20

I just brought it up

        >Can anyone access dynamic DNS site
        >I can't access it... Is it close down??


1. can anyone access it??

I can get at it.

The .ORG TLD went through a big transition last night, moving from one
manager to another, and it's possible that there is some addressing
confusion on the part of whatever DNS resolvers you're going

It begs three questions:

-> Can you get an IP address for the site?  If not, that's an addressing
   problem, likely to sit at the root server level.  (Note that several
   of the root servers went down this weekend, as well as name servers
   serving all of Korea, due to a really severe Microsoft SQL Server

-> If you have an IP address, can you ping it/HTTP it?  If not, then
   that's a routing problem.

-> If you have a legitimate IP address, and can access the site via
   (for instance) HTTP, but can't get the dynamic DNS service, then
   maybe there's a problem with's services.

I'll bet the "SQL Server exploit" is biting you if you're in Hong
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