dip fails: "host name lookup failure"

dip fails: "host name lookup failure"

Post by Roger Bickne » Sat, 17 Dec 1994 04:00:15

ok... the story so far...

Dip absolutely refuses to even get off of the ground because of

        "Host name lookup failure"

I've looked in hosts and hostname. "hosts" contains a bunch of names in one
column along with IP addresses in another column. I added "linux" (my
machine's name) along with a dummy IP address to the list. "hostname" contains`just one word - "linux."

Dip don't care. Dip don't wanna work. I don't like dip much anymore. However,
I *do* need dip.

I recently learned (via "uname --nodename") that my nodename is "(none)"
but I don't think that this is good.

Can someone tell me how to set the nodename (or even if it is relevent to dip)?

Also, which linux doc refers to this stuff (nodenames, et al) ???


2 + 2 = 5 (for the larger values of 2).

2 + 2 = 5 (for the larger values of 2).


1. dip fails: "host name lookup failure"

Maybe you need a real IP number don't you think so?
Try in the x.dip file (dip x.dip) something like
get $local IPnumber or
get $local sjoerd.et.tudelft.nl

get $remote pstngw1
get $remote IPnumber

Yep dip works great but you have to think when you install it.

When you need another example of a working x.dip file mail me.


        Arjan Filius

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