serial console - lilo serial= no serial port input

serial console - lilo serial= no serial port input

Post by Dick Repas » Fri, 30 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I'm setting up a serial console on a machine for which the monitor
will go into the repair shop.  I've successfully set up getty to
take logins from the serial port, and I've successfully configured
the kernel to send boot messages to the serial port.  The final step
is setting up lilo.  Lilo works in that the boot prompt appears on
both the system console and on the serial port. However, I cannot
enter commands to the boot prompt from the serialport.  Following
manpage procedure, I transmit a break over the serial line in an
attempt to get lilo's attention.  It doesn't work.  Lilo listens only
to the system keyboard.  What's up?

System details: lilo-0.20-2 rpm from red hat 5.2, kernel 2.2.5,
otherwise a stock rh 5.2 i386 machine. Serial port connection: I'm running
kermit on a laptop.  I send breaks from kermit  as ctrl-\ b as indicated
in kermit man page. Kermit is ckermit-192.

I suppose that the simplest explanation is that I won't be able to get
lilo's attention unless I unplug the keyboard from the
to-be-monitorless system.  Possible?




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