problems with ADAPTEC 2940AU

problems with ADAPTEC 2940AU

Post by ALEXANDER BORN » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Last week I bought an ADAPTEC 2940AU for my 2nd computer but, in contrast to
my expectations (I'm running Linux on a PC with an ADAPTEC 2940) it didn't
detect the host adapter.

Has anyone got a solution for this problem ?
(maybe so startup-parameters like



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I have a problem with an Adaptec 2940AU and FreeBSD (currently 2.2.2
but also had it with 2.1.7) - the only way I can reboot the system
is to do a 'shutdown -h' then switch the mains power off and waiting about
30 seconds then powering up again.  Anything less than that, such as
shutdown -r or shutdown -h and pressing the reset button and, on startup,
the Adaptec comes up with the usual "Ctrl-A for ..." message, does not
find any devices on the SCSI bus and times out (with a message) and then
says there were no bootable devices).

The PC is dual-boot with Windows NT (through the standard FreeBSD boot
manager) and NT does not suffer the same problem - I can restart NT
and get to the F? prompt then select FreeBSD or NT without having to switch
the power off first.

Can anyone help ?

Ian Edwards

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