linux instructor needed

linux instructor needed

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Excellent opportunity for linux power users.
We are a Microsoft solution provider located at
Queens Plaza, New York City and would like to
expand our business into the exciting linux
We need two (part/full time)
       linux instructors and/or administrators.

requirement : Knowledge in any commercial Unix.
              years of experience working with
             linux ( Redhat dist preferred )

We are willing to train...

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Learning Tree University Extension in Irvine, Ca. is looking for UNIX
and AutoCAD teachers for days and Saturdays. Contact Randy Jacobs at
805. 497. 2292 or FAX her at 805. 497. 0467 or Ann King at 714. 442.
0690 or FAX her at 714. 442. 0699.
Amy Meeker
Graphic/Web Designer
Marketing Dept.
Learning Tree University

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