Preventing Printing of Burst Page

Preventing Printing of Burst Page

Post by Tim Sutto » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have set up an lpd queue to print to an HP8000 printer.  Every job printed
also prints a trailer page showing details of the job.  How do I stop this
page from being printed?



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We are running Linux  2.0.20 connected to two HP Laserjets via ethernet.
We have the problem that every job sent to the printers gets printed a
burst-page. In the documentation is said that in /etc/printcap, when
you  define a printer you can use 'sh' to suppress the burst-page, but
it doesn't work.

For example, one of our printers (pslsi) entry in /etc/printcap is this:


where is its IP-address. In spite of being there the 'sh'
field, we always get the 'non-wanted' burst page. I know it can be
suppressed using the option '-h' when you call 'lpr', but that's not the

Does anybody know how to eliminate the burst-page?. If you can, I would
like you to email me at:

Thanx in advance.

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