Logitec Serial Mouse

Logitec Serial Mouse

Post by Karsten Steffe » Sat, 25 Dec 1993 04:53:30

: Hello Linux users, I have successfully installed slackware and configured X,
: but I am unable to get it to see my logitec serial mouse.  The options for
: setting up my system only support the Logitec Bus mouse (and a few other mice).
: I read the faq but couldn't find anything about setting up my mouse.  I tried
: using the Microsoft serial mouse but still no luck.  Eariler versions of sls
: supported logitec serial mice.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks...

XFree 2.0 (which is of course part of the latest Slackware) still supports
Logitech serial mice. You have to distinguish between older logitech mice,
they require a

        Logitech        "/dev/mouse"

line in Xconfig, whereas newer ones (including the pilot mouse) require a

        MouseMan        "/dev/mouse"

line. I myself have this running pretty fine using a 3 button pilot mouse.

Hope that helps, and merry christmas,

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        What kind of Logitech serial mouse are you using ? I have a Mouseman
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