Booting Via Floppy and mount / via NFS

Booting Via Floppy and mount / via NFS

Post by Justin (G » Mon, 28 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I would like to boot my DX4/100 off a floppy and mount my DX2/66 Linux
machines root directory as the 100's root directory. Is this possible? I have
been thinking about creating a boot disk w/ only /etc dir on it and mounting
the rest seperately. I this possible? Any suggestion? Please include

Justin (Gus) Hurwitz


1. Modifying boot floppy to mount / via nfs

Is there a quick an dirty way to create a boot image which boot Linux
up and then mounts the  root partition via nfs from another linux box?

I have been reading about setting up bootpd, etc.... but am wondering
if this may be a better way for our lab usage....

We have a 486-50 with 8 Meg RAM and 13 386-33 with 4 Meg RAM.  I will
primarily be using Linux for teacher workshops on FTP, Telnet, Mail,
and News.... so I will only need to boot up linux on the system and
have it nfs mount root from either the 486 or a dedicated 386 -- we do
not have the money to spare the 40+ Meg HD space for installation on
each system....

Any help and  or advice is greatly appreciated.

Christopher Keane

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