bash edit key binding question

bash edit key binding question

Post by Kenneth Corbi » Sat, 27 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Is it possible to bind functions to things like arrow keys, home,
insert, delete, etc?  (That's the key labeled "Del", not the back arrow
key that goes by that name in Unix circles.  If so how does one do it?

The default command editing keys may make sense to emacs users, but for
us new folks coming from the DOS world they are pretty much useless.
I'd like to configure it to be more DOS like, with the home, end, arrow
backspace and delete characters doing what DOS users expect them to.


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I just picked up Running Linux third edition from O'Reilly
press. It says I can set up my shell (bash 2.03) "so that
it  uses vi key bindings instead of Emacs bindings". Cool.
I'm NOT trolling here, but Emacs isn't my cup of tea.
Anyway, I did as instructed (export VISUAL=vi). When I
checked the environment variable with "echo $VISUAL" it
responded with "vi". So far so good. I rebooted for good
measure and opened an xterm. I purposely misspelled a
command (mroe .bashrc) and tried to edit it using vi
commands. I hit the ESC key (which enters command mode in
vi) and repeatedly pressed the H key to move left. Alas,
this didn't work. To move back I still had to use Ctrl-B,
which is a dreaded Emacs command. I also tried the above
technique with "export VISUAL=vim" but still no luck. Does
anyone know what I'm doing wrong (except being a vi fan)?
Thanks in advance.

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