LOCAL: Boston Linux users group?

LOCAL: Boston Linux users group?

Post by Josh Turi » Fri, 11 Oct 1996 04:00:00

~With the BCS (Boston Computer Society) apparently deep-sixed, I don't know
~of any currently existing Boston-area Linux users' groups.  So I'd like to
~make a formal call to start up a new one, the Boston Linux Advocacy &
~Research Group (BLARG).  Okay, maybe not with that name... but seriously,
~I'd like to get a new group going, from the ground up.
~If you're interested in helping to (re)start a Boston-are Linux users'
~group, or just in joining, or telling me that I'm an idiot and there
~already IS a Boston LUG (in which case I'd like to see an announcement

~"BOS-LUG" somewhere in the subject line so I can see that you're
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The Unix/Linux SIG of the BCS is still in existence, and has gone the
independent route.  Their website is at www.blu.ci.net, and they take

Myself, I would love to participate on a regular basis, but I already run
BNUG (The Greater Boston Network Users Group - Netware and NT admins).  I
have us using Linux for mail and FTP services, though...

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