Mandrake's installation..

Mandrake's installation..

Post by Maureen Michea » Sat, 12 Feb 2000 04:00:00

::: Please help everyone, it's okay if you're not sure what my problems are.
please advice anything you know, or what you know..... you know.. because
i'm really out of ideas (i'm hopeless..), and i don't know where to ask and
i don't have anyone who knows Mandrake the Linux around me (or even RedHat,
but what's the difference?).. please advice me a thing or two on what i've
did wrong, thanks really a bunch..!!

hi group, i've been starring at this newgroups for a while now.
because currently i'm trying to install Mandrake the Linux onto my system,
but hopelessly i don't know anything about Linux (now i'm kind of getting
use to it, i think..).

it's because of the installation, that i'm not sure whether if the procedure
should be like this, but i'll list the procedures that i've done, and pray
for someone might be able to tell me if i'm on the right track.

|:))  oh yes, here's how my system's like, hope no one will laugh..

 - Windows98
         i think it's edition 1, not so sure..
         with all the latest updates from
         and will be gone soon     |:)
 - 32 MBs of RAM
         i hope this is enough for Mandrake the Linux
 - 8 GBs of HardDrive
         only 650MBs on 1 logical partition left for
         Mandrake the Linux, hope it's enough..
 - A MotherBoard who doesn't support CD-ROM bootup
         so i have to install Mandrake directly from my hard disk.

<1>  under Windows98, i went straight down to one of the installation
folders [/Mandrake/lnx4win/] and opened the file [setup.bat]

<2>  after it created a folder which contains a lot of files, and replaced
the file [ctl3d32.dll] under the folder [c:\win98\system\] with its own.. as
for the new files, 2 of them were [lnx4win.exe] and a swap file [SWAPFILE. ]

<3>  after the [setup.bat] from the <1> step, it opened a window that asks
how much "Linux Native" space do i want to assign, and how much "Linux Swap"
space do i want to have.

<4> for me since i'm not sure what did it mean by "Linux Native", and the
default value was "400", so i just chose "400" as i don't know how much
should it obtain..

<5> as for Linux Swap, the default value was "64". but i know i should
assign something =~ to my memory bulk size. but i don't know, i read an
article somewhere i forgot that said "the larger the Swap space is, the
better performance you'll get". and so..

<6> last for the other options like "Boot Methods" and "Installation
Method", i ticked all 3 boxs and as for "Installation Method" i chose "HD".

<7> after setting all the settings, the window will modify the file
[c:\config.sys]. and will prompt if i would like to exit Windows98 and jump
to go under the platform Mandrake the Linux

<8> said "yes"

<9> sometimes it'll freeze right there, and sometimes it'll reboot under
Mandrake the Linux for me. i don't know, but if it freezes, i'll just give
it a cold-boot so i can get there asap~

<10> after i'm under Mandrake the Linux, it'll "calculate?" the "Linux
Native" space and "Linux Swap" space for me, after it'll show up the very
frist "graphical" screen (it's not yet the nice cool DradX graphical
installer, just some kind of poor interfaced installer, i'm not sure.. at
least it's not the one shown on the page.).

<11> it'll ask me if i want to install it from..
.. etc i don't remember..

<12> i chose HD, after it asked which HD contains the installation files.
well i'm not sure "HDA1" equals to which drive under Windows98 and so on, so
i just checked out every drive that i have here one by one with the right
folder that contains the right installation files (the most amusing method i
can think of..)..

<13> okay.. at last, when it works.. it says something like..
"Loading Second Stage RamDisk..."

<14> after.. it'll just freeze right there with blank black screen, and i
can type anything i want there. for example i can type "How are you,
Mandrake?" and hit enter.. it'll not reply "Bad Command or File Name",
instead it doesn't reply at all..

<15> there's one time at the same position, it actually tried to search for
CD-ROMs.. and after it halts like i mentioned in step <14>..

at last.. my question's that.. i didn't ask for a CD-ROM installtion, but
why did it try to search for a CD-ROM drive? and why did it halt like that?

well i didn't download the ISO image file which costs around 600MB a file
(because i don't have any CD burners..), instead i grabed the seperated
files from the FTP sites.. i'll list which folders have i downloaded, hope
it'll help you to help me better..?



Any advices would really be greatly appreciated, i've spent a week on this
installation procedure. But still came up with nothing as a solution, I
really felt tire but I'm still looking for a torche that will lead me out of
this darkness. I'm willing to give any information that you would like to
know from my system, and again.. thanks..


Mandrake's installation..

Post by Maureen Michea » Sat, 12 Feb 2000 04:00:00

never mind.. got that covered by Keith Richardson in another NewsGroup, a
greatly helpful person..



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