About LILO

About LILO

Post by Wong Chi Ho » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

        Does anyone try an error,when type "lilo" in Linux.  
Then linux display:
"Add to dos*"
"Partition entry not find"
what is happen?
        When my first time install Linux, it don't have such error message?
I have 2 harddisk (divide it into 3 partition) and a cdrom:
Primary IDE:    /dev/hda1 dos          
                /dev/hda5 win95
                /dev/hdb1 Linux
Secondary IDE   /dev/hdc  cdrom

Does anyone can tell me why?




here is my problem----i have 2 physical hard disks --the primary master
has NT
and the primary slave has LINUX(red hat )--i have LILO boot which has 2
images---x(for linux) and nt.

i wanted to upgrade my linux6.0 to 6.1 and so i booted from the cd-rom ---
but it
would give an error saying that "ext2 file system not found" and would

so---i disconnected my primary master(NT) hdisk and proceeded with the
installation which was successful.

now , at LILO boot when i give X IT SAYS "LOADING X" and stops....it seems-
the LILO is not able to relate the X image to the primary slave.

can you help me to set the LILO properly.....i will be very thankful.

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