Hurd 0.0 and GNU 0.0 released

Hurd 0.0 and GNU 0.0 released

Post by Thomas Bushnell, n/B » Tue, 06 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I am pleased to announce version 0.0 of the GNU Hurd, available via
anonymous FTP from [] in the file
/pub/gnu/hurd-0.0.tar.gz (about 1.2 MB compressed).

This file contains complete source code for the following:

Hurd servers:

 auth, crash, devio, devport, exec, ext2fs, fifo, fwd, ifsock, init,
 magic, new-fifo, nfs, null, pfinet, pflocal, proc, symlink, term,

Hurd libraries:

 diskfs, fshelp, ihash, iohelp, netfs, pager, pipe, ports, ps,
 shouldbeinlibc, store, threads, trivfs.

Hurd utilities and other programs:

 boot, shd, ps, settrans, showtrans, sync, su, mount, fsysopts,
 storeinfo, login, w, uptime, hurdids, loginpr, sush, vmstat,
 portinfo, devprobe, reboot, halt, fsck, fsck.ufs, mkfs.ufs, clri.ufs,
 stati.ufs, getty, rc.


In addition, we have prepared a binary distribution of a complete
version 0.0 GNU system corresponding to this Hurd release.  This
release runs only on PC-AT compatible systems with i[345]86

The GNU Hurd, plus Mach, is a kernel, not an operating system.  The
GNU operating system, like the Unix operating system, consists of many
components, including kernel, libraries, compilers, assembler, shell,
parser generators, utilities, window system, editors, text formatters,
and so on.  The GNU project set out a decade ago to develop this
system, and we've been writing various components of it ever since.

This release uses the `UK22' version of the Mach kernel, as
distributed by the University of Utah.  It is too difficult to prepare
a detailed list of supported devices at this point.  Common disk
controllers and ethernet cards are generally supported.

This release does not contain the X Window System.

This release may be fetched by anonymous FTP from
[18.159.42] in the directory /pub/gnu/gnu-0.0/.

In that directory, you should find the following files:

 grub-boot.image                (about 1.4 MB, not compressed)
 gnu-0.0.tar.gz                 (about 56.9 MB compressed)
 gnu-0.0-stripped.tar.gz        (about 26.2 MB compressed)

SOURCES contains a complete list describing the sources for the
binaries found in the image.  INSTALL-binary contains complete
installation instructions for this release.  

(The files README, SOURCES, and INSTALL-binary are also found in the
root directory of the gnu-0.0 release.)

gnu-0.0.tar.gz holds the image of the complete system.  It unpacks
into a directory that requires approximately 233 MB of disk space.

gnu-0.0-stripped.tar.gz holds the same contents as gnu-0.0, except
that executable programs have been stripped to save space, and the
libraries have had debugging symbols stripped to save space and speed
linking.  It unpacks into a directory that requires about 85.5 MB of
disk space.

We recommend using the unstripped image, or you will be unable to
debug anything.  Surely there are bugs.  So fetch the unstripped
image, at least to have around.

grub-boot.image is an image of a 3.5" floppy disk that you will need
in order to complete part of the installation instructions.

The following free software packages are found in this release:

 autoconf, automake, bash, bc, binutils, bison, cpio, cvs, diffutils,
 doschk, e2fsprogs, ed, emacs, fileutils, findutils, flex, from, gawk,
 gcal, gcc, gdb, gdbm, gettext, glibc, gmp, gperf, grep, grub, gzip,
 hello, hurd, indent, inetutils, less, mach, make, m4, miscfiles,
 ncurses, nethack, nvi, patch, ptx, rcs, readline, recode, sed,
 serverboot, sharutils, shellutils, tar, termcap, termutils, texinfo,
 textutils, time, wdiff.


Here are md5sum checksums for the files mentioned in this message:

b5f888bab3eb193fe97a00a141324c9d  INSTALL-binary
345dcd826747d7b11fc78f4db162d75b  README
1a5744bb4ed3448045fa6d24153d65fe  SOURCES
f7b1bc428bc4ee29977a5b28f5762092  gnu-0.0-stripped.tar.gz
24554c58e5c89f295176e17d21dbae8e  gnu-0.0.tar.gz
8338c619d860b71bc4128c9c0fd39d63  grub-boot.image
1fd18ccc4c81d051b83d28b13dc07ee2  hurd-0.0.tar.gz


Br. Thomas Bushnell, n/BSG

[ Most GNU software is packed using the GNU `gzip' compression program.
  Source code is available on most sites distributing GNU software.

  For information on how to order GNU software on tape or cd-rom, and
  printed GNU manuals, check the file etc/ORDERS in the GNU Emacs
  distribution, ftp the file /pub/gnu/GNUinfo/ORDERS on prep, or

  By ordering your GNU software from the FSF, you help us continue to
  develop more free software.  Media revenues are our primary source of
  support.  Donations to FSF are deductible on US tax returns.

  The above software will soon be at these ftp sites as well.
  Please try them before as prep is very busy!

        AUSTRALIA: (archie.oz or for ACSnet)



1. affix-2.0.0-pre2 and affix-kernel-2.0.0-pre2 releases

Hi all,

Affix 2.0.0-pre2 released

- looks stable, and everything is working now.
- NEW: Working Aydio -> see btmpg123 in source package how to listen mp3
- NEW: DUN GW with real modem support.
- NEW: Fax Profile from Christian Plog

Now available profiles:
- General Access Profie
- Service Discovery Profile
- Serial Port Profile
- DialUp Networking Profile (real)
- DialUp Networking Profile (emulation)
- LAN Access Profile
- OBEX Object Push Profile
- OBEX File Transfer Profile
- PAN Profile
- FAX Profile

affix-kernel-2.0.0-pre2 [14.03.2003]
- [fix] pre1 -> pre2 fixes. everything works.
- [new] ability to compile with external PCMCIA package

affix-2.0.0-pre2 [14.03.2003]
- [new] Complete Audio Support -> can play MP3 on your headset
        see btmpg123 script
- [new] FAX profile from Christian Plog
- [new] real DUN profile -> works with real modem.
- [fix] pre1 -> pre2 fixes. everything works.
- [new] Redhat init.d stcript.
- [new] affix.conf has extra options: load_modules and audio.

br, Dmitry

br, Dmitry

        Dmitry Kasatkin
        Nokia Research Center / Helsinki
        *Affix* Project Leader (
        Mobile: +358 50 4836365

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