xkeycaps "Belgian" keyboard remapping problems

xkeycaps "Belgian" keyboard remapping problems

Post by Philip Aric » Thu, 21 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Could anyone help me figure this out ? I'm trying to reconfigure my keyboard
for X with xkeycaps, since only the "normal" characters work right; everything

characters, amongst others).

My PC was bought at Vobis - so it's a Highscreen, and I think the keyboard is a
Highscreen too. It's got the 102 keys of the pc102 (it's directly based on the
pc102 keyboard), plus it's Win '95 ready, which means some extra keys to the
left and right of the space bar. I don't worry about these - I guess if I leave
'em out at first there should be no trouble - I'm trying to modify the standard
pc102 to get the standard keys working first.
To be more exact, I base myself on the pc102fr settings, since they are AZERTY
- the other pc102 settings are all QWERTY.

If I'm not mistaken, I have to create 4 files - I named them new-geom.h,
new-caps.h, new-map.h and new-codes.h, change all-kbds.h and recompile xkeycaps.

I re-used the pc102-geom.h without any changes.

In the pc102-caps file, I changed the text on the keys to the correct entries
(I had one error during recompilation of xkeycaps, since my entry for the slash
sign read "/" instead of "//" but that was quickly fixed). I guess nothing much
can *really* go wrong at this stage. I hope.

I reused the linux102-codes.h file without changing anything. I did check every
keycode (using xsomething_or_other, the thingy that prints every single event
happening on its test window) and the keycodes seemed just fine.

Finally - and this is where I ran into trouble - I generated the new-map.h with
the build-map.sh (or build-something.sh at any rate) shell script provided.
When compiling xkeycaps, I got complaints about the ^ and key - the shell
script had put in something like "XK_Ddiaeresis" and "XK_Dcircumflex_accent",
but this seemed to cause trouble. Changing this to "XK_diaeresis" and
"XK_asciicircumflex" (or whatever - all this is from memory) the thing compiled
cleanly, *but* running the test proposed in "defining.txt" (which told me to go
to xkeycaps, select my keyboard, then select "write changes" and "changed keys
only" - again, this is only vaguely accurate, memory sux :( ) I did get a line
which ran something like "x... XK_Ddiaeresis XK_Dcircumflex_accent", precisely
the thing I didn't want to see according to "defining.txt" and indicating that
key had still to be mapped correctly.
I don't worry too much about the PrintScreen key, about which I got an error
message too - "something-or-other not found", but according to "defining.txt"
this is due to the vendor (thank you Slackware :) and can be solved relatively

So the bottom line is - how do I solve the problem of the damned ^ and key -
why doesn't xkeycaps compile when using XK_Ddiaeresis etc. ?

And how do I assign for example '|' to Alt-Gr 1 ? 'coz something tells me that
still has to be done. Is that done using the xkeycaps keyboard ? Or do I have
to manually adjust my new-map.h ?

The maps will of course be posted if anyone has the same type of keyboard...

Thanx in advance, guys

(and sorry for the heavy-winded rambling - I know my style isn't exactly
light-footed or "clear & concise" :)


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xkeycaps "Belgian" keyboard remapping problems

Post by dirk de wachte » Fri, 22 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I don't know about xkeycaps, but if I recall it all right, I just fiddled with
the .Xmodmap file to set the different "special" keys on my keyboard.
Unfortunately my Linux machine is at home, so I cannot send it to you.


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