X11R6 SVGA Server and Avance Logic ALG 2301

X11R6 SVGA Server and Avance Logic ALG 2301

Post by Michael D Audet » Thu, 23 Mar 1995 14:40:30

  Has anyone used the X11R6 (3.11) SVGA256 server for X with an avance logic ALG 2301 PCI
card.  I can get the server to work in 800x600 640x480 and 1024x768.  I have 2 megs of ram
on the video and I can not get the 1280x1024 modes working.  Also the performance s verry
poor.  It is slow as anything.  Anyone have an Xconfig that works well for this card let me
know please.  Thanks

1. XF86Config & ModeLine for STB PCI Express(Avance Logic ALG-2301) & Dell UltraScan 17ES monitor

I'm looking for an XF86Config (SVGA driver ) for an STB PCI Express
video card. It uses the Avance Logic 2228 chipset, the model is ALG-2301.
I'm also looking for monitor timings/modelines for a Dell UltraScan 17ES
monitor. I can get it to run in 800x600 mode, but I'm looking for configs
to get it to run in 1024x768 mode. If anyone could help, I'd be most


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