lockscreen in KDE

lockscreen in KDE

Post by Eric Headle » Sat, 02 Oct 1999 04:00:00

How can a non root user lock the screen in KDE ?   Everytime I try to
lock the screen as a non root user I get an error message ( which
incidentally flashes by faster than I can read ).

Eric Headley

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1. KDE 3.1 and Shift-Ins

I apologize in advance for the basic question.

I've recently upgraded to Mandrake 9.1 (KDE 3.1) from previous
releases of both.  Historically, I have been able to paste text (which
has been previously highlighted with mouse) via the Shift-Ins key
combination.  This has worked across Konsole windows, vim, etc...
However, as of this upgrade, the Shift-Ins key combination does not
seem to paste?

I notice that the middle mouse button does still work, but my fingers
have grown quite acustomed to the Shift-Ins combination so that they
do not have to leave the keyboard.  Can anyone point me in the right
direction to re-enable this feature and/or what has changed?

Thanks again.

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