Does Linux work with Digiboard PC/16 Serial Card

Does Linux work with Digiboard PC/16 Serial Card

Post by Darin Arri » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 02:57:28

I am borrowing an old Digiboard PC/16 non-intelligent 16 port serial card and
am wondering if I can use it under Linux. I have found drivers for the newer
intelligent Digiboard cards, but none for the older, non-intelligent ones.

I am curious, though, if this card acts similar to an AST Fourport card. If so,
can I modify the /etc/rc.d/rc.serial file appropriately and configure it?
I tried doing that to the first port on the card like this:

setserial -b /dev/cua4 uart 16450 port 0x100 irq 5

(port 0x100 is the first port on the Digiboard card)

It didn't crash the machine or give me any error message. I checked the
port with setserial /dev/cua4 and it showed me that it was configured with
a 16450, port 0x100 irq 5 and fourport.

I don't have serial cables for this card yet (it needs RJ45 to DB25 cables),
so I haven't tested it yet.

Anyway, if anyone has experience with this card, or an intelligent guess as
to how Linux may handle this card, please send me email or followup to



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can someone point me in the right direction, please?
Please reply via email - all answers will be put into a post here later.
regards [Bill]

William Sanders, undergraduate student, University of Houston-Downtown
Department of Computer Science.  Have you read Capers-Jones? Do you
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