Solaris Intel Edition version 2.5 versus Linux 1.3.x ??

Solaris Intel Edition version 2.5 versus Linux 1.3.x ??

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Thank you.

Anthony Kong

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1. Introductory Edition IBM techexplorer Version 2.5 PR2 : Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, AIX, Solaris and SGI

The Introductory Edition of IBM's techexplorer Hypermedia
Browser Version 2.5 Preview Release 2 is now available for
Windows 95/98/NT, Linux on Intel, AIX, Solaris and SGI!

The Introductory Edition is a web browser plug-in and viewer
for a large subset of TeX, LaTeX, and AMS-LaTeX, as well as
MathML, the Mathematical Markup Language from the W3C.

New in Version 2.5 PR 2 is support for almost all of the
content tags for MathML. More features from LaTeX have also
been added, including most of the picture environment and
support for lists of tables and figures.

For more details and the no-charge downloads, see

Version 2.5 of the Professional Edition will be available at
a later date and will include Java and C++ support for the
W3C Document Object Model API.

Angel Diaz
Manager, Advanced Internet Publishing
IBM Research

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