3com Office Connect LAN Modem::trouble connecting

3com Office Connect LAN Modem::trouble connecting

Post by Rutger Clae » Sat, 03 Aug 2002 04:28:01

Are there others out there using a 3com Office Connect LAN ISDN modem.  I'm
using Redhat 7.3 on a Dell Inspiron ( not that it matters in this question
).  I just can't get the 'auto call' feature working.  In my Win2k desktop
there is this little tool called LanManager or something.  It is provided
by 3com.  It's a way of dialing manualy.  Telnetting to the damn thing
takes to long, and doesn't always work.  Nor does accessing the internal
webpage.  Is there a little script?  An application?
Any help is welcome..
Thanks in advanced
Rutger Claes

LINUX, because rebooting is for adding new hardware


1. Problems with Tiny Term and 3Com Office Connect Lan Modem

Can anyone out there help? Or has anotne had the same problem?

I have a unix (SCO) server IP address and 5 PC's accessing it via
Tiny Term 3.2 (Win32 version) all have IP addresses to
inclusive. The network now has a 3Com Office Connect ISDN Lan Modem IP the network's subnet mask is consistent across all
machines. The problem is that when the Unix server is accessed using Tiny
Term the router opens up a channel to the internet and then after about 2
minutes you get to the Unix Login prompt. This does not happen when
accessing the Unix box via Microsoft's Telnet application. All machines can
access the internet through the router without any problems. The DNS server
for the PC's is set to (the router) as described in the 3Com User
Guide. The only strange thing is thet that one machine had Dial Up access to
the Net and as soon as Tiny Term was accessed on that machine the Dial Up
Networking Connect screen would appear.

Does Tiny Term do a broadcast to the network instead of a direct connection

I've had various emails from Century Software but nothing that helps in this

Anyone got any clues?


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