Netscape 4.75 not reading localtime

Netscape 4.75 not reading localtime

Post by Clarence B. Johnson, Jr » Sun, 03 Sep 2000 12:13:08

 I'm running RedHat 5.2 and sendmail, nothing fancy, just standard stuff. I'm also using
fetchmail to pop mail to my localhost from comcast

I use netscape to pop mail from the local machine.

Just upgraded to netscape 4.75 and this version seems to ignore timezones.

unix date shows correctly

Fri Sep 01 23:09:46 EDT 2000   < -- this is the current local time as I post

but when a mail is received of generated by netscape 4.75 mail client it only shows

email generated or received by elm on same machine shows good time stamps

Any ideas out there? Seems like maybe I need a variable set or exported somewhere that I
don't know about.

Please reply to newsgroup and by email


 Clarence Johnson


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1) I am using DHCP on Solaris 8 SPARC, which works fine.
2) I have setup a Hayes modem and PPP. StarOffice 5.2 just works great. It
can "browse" the web.
3) FTP and Telnet work fine, too. When connected with the modem they can
connect to the nameservers.

But when using Netscape 4.75, it can only see local pages, meaning pages
that are located on machines in the building, when I use names (not just

Netscape 4.75 seems to be absolutely not able to find the external
nameservers. It just reads my hosts file. Even setting up $SOCKS_NS does not
do a thing. At least not when I setup SOCKS_NS in the same shell before I
fire up Netscape from it.

Any ideas?



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