OS/2 Bootmanager, IDE, SCSI

OS/2 Bootmanager, IDE, SCSI

Post by Todd La » Tue, 13 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I currently have DOS, and OS/2 set up between two IDE drives.  This works
fantastic; I assure you the linux part is coming up.  Anyway, I just bought
a SCSI drive.  I intended to install Linux on one of the partitions of the
SCSI drive.  I had assumed that OS/2's Boot Manager would allow  me to
boot from the SCSI.

I think I've made a wrong assumumption.  Is this possible at all?
I have Slackware's Linux which seemingly recognizes the SCSI partitions
when booting from the install disks.  However, fdisk does not show any
of the SCSI partitions.

I've heard that if you have IDE and SCSI... that you *must* boot from
the IDE drives.  Please tell me that what I've heard is ludicrous.  

Any replies will be greatly appreciated.


1. AHA2742T dual SCSI, OS/2 BootManager and LILO

I just got the new Slakware distribution, and installed it. I'm now
having problems actually getting it to boot. My setup:
- Adaptec AHA2742T SCSI HA
  - SCSI Bus B (Primary):
    - ID 0 - 1.5 Gig HD
      - (Primary) OS/2 BootManager
      - (Primary) C: 200 MB DOS FAT (on BootManager menu)
      - (Extended)
        - D: 200 MB OS/2 HPFS (on BootManager menu)
        - E: 200 MB OS/2 HPFS
        - F: 200 MB OS/2 HPFS
        - G: 632 MB OS/2 HPFS
    - ID 4 - Plextor Quad Speed CD-ROM
    - ID 6 - Archive DAT
  - SCSI Bus A (all devices on this bus are in an external case):
    - ID 0 - 140 MB HD
      - (Extended)
        - Linux Native FS (on BootManager menu)
    - ID 5 - Toshiba single speed CD-ROM (old)
- 24 Meg RAM (so I didn't bother to set up a swap partition)

I'm trying to set up Linux on the external hard disk (on the A bus),
and the install seems to go fine.
I see messages flashing by as I boot from the install floppy, some of
which I can see tell me that the AHA2742T driver is ignoring the B bus.
This is OK, as I only want to install Linux on the HD on the A bus. (But
I'm restricted to using the slow CD-ROM, and I'll get no tape drive
under Linux. Oh well.) I have the OS/2 Boot Manager recognize the Linux
partition, which seems to work. But when I select to boot Linux, I get
the "LI" from LILO, but no "LO". I've tried setting the lilo config to
boot from /dev/sda5 (as the installation set it), and /dev/sdb5
(figuring just maybe the real linux kernel would see both SCSI busses),
and get exactly the same thing.

My questions:
1. Can I get to boot Linux off the second drive with my setup using the
   OS/2 Boot Manager? For now, I can live without seeing the devices
   on the 2742T's B bus, just to give Linux a try.
2. Is it possible to get Linux to support both SCSI busses on the
   AHA2742T? I _would_ really like to see all of my SCSI devices
   eventually. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about programming
   the AHA2742T. And since I just got Linux, I don't know much about
   trying to program device drivers for it. I took a quick look at the
   source for the AHA2742T drivers (just enough to see that the author
   put comments in saying that he wasn't supporting both SCSI busses),
   but without any technical documents for the adapter, I'm lost.

Thanks for any help.
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