rm -r /root (oops!) -- NOW: File or Directory does not exist

rm -r /root (oops!) -- NOW: File or Directory does not exist

Post by Sam Trenhol » Wed, 18 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>  Since
>then I been loging in as anything but su except when I absolutely need
>to use it.

There is no user by the name su on most Unix systems. I assume you mean

Quote:> Recently I download Netscape 3.0, ungzipped  and untared,
>and when I try to execute it I get "File or Directory does not exist".  
>Does this have anything to do with my root directory getting toasted??

Only if you're trying to run Netscape as root.  

Quote:>I was running a previous version of Netscape from a subdir in my root
>directory (I know -- it should be elsewhere), but this installation
>worked fine.

That may be confusing things.  Try removing all files and directories
off of your home directory that start out .netscape

In other words, type in this at your friendly shell prompt:

        rm -fr ~/.netscape*

And run Netscape again.  Be aware that the above toasts all Netscape files.

>Jason Krebsbach

Take care,

- Sam