Compiling ispell under Slackware 3.0

Compiling ispell under Slackware 3.0

Post by Philip Hirschho » Fri, 12 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I've installed Slackware 3.0, and I'm trying to recompile ispell.  I
got ispell-3.1.20, but there are problems with things not being found.

I solved some of them by creating symbolic links in /usr/local/include
to everything in /usr/include/bsd, but I still get error messages
about references to bsd_ioctl that can't be resolved.

Can anyone tell me where to find whatever it is I need, and where I
should install it?

In case you have other suggestions: I'm recompiling it so that I can
alter the source to ignore \eqref and a bunch of other*
commands.  As far as I know, altering the source and recompiling is
the only way to do this.

Thanks for any info,
Phil Hirschhorn




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