NFS Speed with linux

NFS Speed with linux

Post by Adrian Wallasch » Tue, 16 Jan 1996 04:00:00


Just a short simple question
What are the maximum transfer speed encountered with linux and nfs or ftp?

As a suggestion I'd encourage you to take a file bigger
then 5-10 MB read and write it via nfs or ftp and take the time!

Furthoremore you should tell me between what configurations and lan-cards you transfer!

If the amount of data arriving here is appriate for summarizing, I'll do so !


Please excuse some typos due to language and bothering slip-line (1 char per second or so !)


NFS Speed with linux

Post by James L. McGi » Wed, 17 Jan 1996 04:00:00


>Just a short simple question
>What are the maximum transfer speed encountered with linux and nfs or ftp?

I would like to see a comparison between Linux NFS and FreeBSD NFS.

I believe that FreeBSD's NFS will be about 10x Linux on writes,
about 2x on reads.

I hope this proves to be backwards (linux beats bsd);

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I am wondering about how to properly configure NFS on my blackbox Nexts
which are running in a mixed Unix environment.  I just performed the
following test which leads me to believe that it is in fact an NFS

On the machines presto (Linux)  and klang (Next):

1)  FTP a 9 meg file from presto (Linux box) to my Mac here.  Time:
2)  Copy the same file from /tmp (mounted on presto) to /home/djt7p
(mounted on klang).   Time:  10min+.
3)  FTP the same file from klang (Next) to this Mac.  Time:  1 min.

I invite any and all comments.


David Topper
Technical Director - Virginia Center for Computer Music
Programmer Analyst - School of Arts and Sciences

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