ISP Recommendations

ISP Recommendations

Post by Robert Dwiggins I » Mon, 03 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I'll be moving from Midland, TX to Houston, TX in a few weeks and will
be looking for a new, hopefully Linux-friendly ISP there for my dial-up
PPP.  My requirements are:  56K-capable modems, no busy signals,
newsgroups, and Linux-friendly.  I would prefer that they be running
Unix on their end rather than NT, but, of course, the service is the
major factor.  Any recommendations regarding good Houston-area ISP's?




1. getting new ISP, recommendations?

I've just installed my first Linux system -- Mandrake 8.0 -- dual boot with Win
95 on my old HP Pavilion 3100. My budget is a bit tight at the moment and I
want to leave AOL and Win 95 behind forever. I'm looking at a couple of
inexpensive ISPs for a dial-up connection (56K V.92) called ""
and "" and wondered if anyone in the Linux community had any
experience with them?

For now I just want to have a pop email account and be able to surf web and
download/upload software. My background is writing applications on various Unix
systems and I'd like to help with open source projects as time permits (such as
some project on SourceForge or WINE or ... for which FTP and CVS update would
be tools of choice for download/upload)

If no one has used these ISPs and no one has an ISP they would recommend that I
could access from the Washington D.C. Metro area for $6.00/month or less, then
I'll probably just give one of these 2 a try and let you know how it turns out.

If there is a better newsgroup for me to post this to, kindly tell me, I've
been looking through newsgroup lists, faqs and articles for several hours
trying to find an answer, or the right place to post this question, and this is
the best I could come up with.


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