kill a deamon?

kill a deamon?

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How do I disable certain deamons from running at startup?


kill a deamon?

Post by Lew Pitch » Tue, 15 Jun 1999 04:00:00


>How do I disable certain deamons from running at startup?

Find the script that starts it, and comment it out.

Look in /etc/rc.d and it's submenus

Or, it may be started directly by init, so also check

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1. Q: killing user deamons - How?

   I'm writing a fairly short program that simply sits there and
   waits for a UDP packet to show up, and when it does, it prints a
   short message to the user.  I've been running the deamon as a
   background job, but am tired of having the computer tell me "You
   have jobs running" every time I log off.  What I would like is
   something like the prograrm "watch", which when you run forks itself
   into the background, and then kills itself when you exit the shell
   it was started from.  I looked at the watch source and copied
   everything I could find that was related to job control, but my
   program still doesn't work...

   The first few lines look something like this:

        long    pid;

        if((pid = fork()) > 0)
        if(pid < 0)

   signal(SIGHUP, SIG_DFL);

   and this seems to work... when you run the program, it forks a child
   off that runs under the same tty, then dies.  The child then happily
   runs.  And runs, and runs.  If you exit the shell, the child process
   goes from the shell's tty to tty?, but keeps running.

   Any hints as to how can I set this up so that this process with
   background itself, but will also exit as soon as the shell it was
   started from exits?

   Thanks for your time!


   PS- I would prefer a mail reply, becuase the dumb news server is
   known to drop stuff on the floor, but I'll be reading what does make
   it through...

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