S.F. Linux User Group?

S.F. Linux User Group?

Post by Martin Brew » Tue, 01 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know if a Linux User Group in the San Francisco bay area?
I've been having some problems with learning Linux. I'm really not
getting any solutions to my problems within in the Newsgroups, so i
thought if i joined a user group i might be able to get together with
someone to work some of my configuration problems out.

thanks in advance,

Martin Brewer


1. LOCAL: SF (Bay Area) Linux Users Group- dinner and 1st meeting!

Hello All,

The San Francisco Linux Users group will hold it's first meeting on Tuesday
July 16th in the upstairs banquet room of the

                       FOUR SEAS RESTAURANT
                           731 Grant Ave.
                       San Francisco, CA 94102
              In the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown

          (please forward this notice to interested friends)

The Four Seas will be serving us an excellent buffet dinner at 7:00, cash bar
available.  The dinner will cost $10.00 per per person with the meeting
starting around 7:30.  If you are not interested in dinner, we ask a small
donation to help cover misc. room expenses.   RSVP! RSVP! RSVP!

Please RSVP as soon as possible, no later than July 9th!
The excellent people at Craftwork Solutions, Inc. in San Jose have donated two
copies of their outstanding commercial Linux distribution w/30 days of
Technical Support to be given as door prizes!  Check it out by surfing
over to...   http://www.craftwork.com/products/csprod.html

The first meeting will be an introductory session, that we may meet
each other and set a direction for future meetings.  Topics covered will be

Where to meet?  Is the banquet (dinner) meeting a good idea?
Speakers- what topics should we cover and whom should we try to get?
WWW presence... who should host and maintain it?
Obtaining user group discounts on Linux soft/hardware products and services...
Building a user expert list- for example "Bob knows more about XFree86
than his own anatomy, and is willing to field X related questions." etc.

It'll be a really good time- and an excellent opportunity to meet other
Linux enthusiasts.  As mentioned above- please forward this announcement to
anyone you think may be interested.  The most excellent China Room at the
Four Seas will seat up to 480 guests- as our mailing list is currently
about 80 users, we have plenty of room for friends.

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