Planet Connect and Linux?

Planet Connect and Linux?

Post by Robert C. Bullo » Thu, 08 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Where could I find a program to work with Planet Connect and Linux? It's
be GREAT to be able to do all my mail and news with tin/elm instead of
the BBS. It uses the same format in it's .BAG files as PageSat, so I'll
assume that anything that works for it will work with PlanetConnect's too.



1. ??? Worldgroup/Linux and Planet Connect ???

I'm installing a Worldgroup/Linux BBS that is replacing an existing PCBoard
system. I have the PCBoard system integrated with my Planet Connect satellite
receiver system pretty well, but now I want to move Planet Connect connectivity
to Worldgroup/Linux.

Is anyone using the Worldgroup/Linux & Planet Connect combo? If so, are there
any config tips/scripts/executable recommendations, etc, with which you might
enlighten me? I've got to be able to perform file area tic'ing, fido echo
import/export, and usenet newsgroup import.

Thanks in advance, folks. This promises to be a pretty painful configuration
headache, and any help is *really* appreciated.


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