re-compiling kernel, where is the current configuration?

re-compiling kernel, where is the current configuration?

Post by Lupei Zh » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 07:59:50


  I'd like to recompile the linux kernel (2.2.16-22) on my RH7.0 Dell
laptop. The reason is for sound
support, I am having problem compiling ALSA sound drivers (unresolved
symbols ...).  The RH7.0
was installed out of the CD and there is no linux source tree
installed.  So, I manually installed the
source tree from the tar file (linux-2.2.16-22.tar.gz). but before I
reconfigure the kernel, I'd like to
get the current configuration so that I need to only add a few change on
top of it. the question is:
where is the current configuration file kept?




re-compiling kernel, where is the current configuration?

Post by Eggert Ehmk » Fri, 02 Feb 2001 20:11:12


Quote:>top of it. the question is:
>where is the current configuration file kept?

It's always in the root of the linux source tree: .config

So copy the .config from the old source tree to the new tree. At first you
should do a
make oldconfig
so the new configuration options will be worked in. Then do a
make menuconfig
make xconfig
to add your specific items.

make dep bzImage modules modules_install


Eggert Ehmke


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i didn't completely understood which is referre to my SounBlaster
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I heard about a GUI tool to configure kernel, named Snap or something
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Please, take me away from this empasse, and let me get out of
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