crc error ... PLEASE HELP ME !!!

crc error ... PLEASE HELP ME !!!

Post by Simone Semprin » Thu, 02 Jan 1997 04:00:00

        I have a problem with my RedHat distribution of linux;
        I finished succesfully the installation process and rebooted
        my PC, well always seemed right, I mean that the linux system
        started and everything went fot the best.
        Then I turned my PC off and after a while I decided to use linux again
        but when I tried to boot linux from LILO I got the following :

                crc error
                system halted

        I tried and tried but it was always the same.
        I reinstalled everything and again the system worked the first time but not
        after I turned the PC off.

Could someone help me, please ?
I never had such problem with my previus linux installation, could it be because
this time the linux partition is on the slave disk ?
I registered LILO in the masterboot sector buecause it is the only way
it works with my system.


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: boot:
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: crc error

:   -- System halted

: Does anyone have ideas as to why I am getting this message and what
: I can do to get rid of it?  Any comments are appreciated.

reformat the floppy drive ON THE MACHINE that will read it afterwards. Then copy the contents on it again.
That usually fixes it for me.

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