CAP v6.0 - Linux patched release

CAP v6.0 - Linux patched release

Post by Roger » Sat, 18 May 1996 04:00:00

CAP v6.0 patch level 192 with Linux support

NOTE: Before proceeding, make sure you read the README provided!

This package combines all the patches up to version 192 along with the

for those who would prefer to stick with Linux v1.2.13 and don't want to
install kernel patches to get an AppleShare working.  The package should
support both EtherTalk Phase 1 and Phase 2, but I've only tested it with
Phase 2.

This package also contains a correction in the configuration to allow group
permissions to function correctly.  Please note that the following is
defined in m4.features:

# + GGTYPE="gid_t" (group ID type) for AUFS
define(`aufsosflags',concat(aufsosflags,` -DGGTYPE="gid_t"'))

Installation procedures:

1. Copy if_ether.h to /usr/include/netinet.

2. If you require shadowed password support, edit the m4.features and
   uncomment the following line:

# + SHADOW_PASSWD add support for shadow password files if supported
define(`aufsosflags',concat(aufsosflags,` -DSHADOW_PASSWD'))

   If you don't, make sure this line is uncommented.

3. Type "./Configure".

4. Type "./gen.makes".

5. Create two directories called "/usr/local/lib/cap" and "/usr/local/cap".

6. Type "make include".

7. Type "make libsmade".

8. Type "make libinstall".

9. Type "make programs".

10. If it compiles successfully, type "make install".

11. Copy the etc/start-cap-servers file to /usr/local/cap.

12. You'll need to edit the start-cap-servers file.  Read the doc/

If you're using EtherTalk Phase 2 with zones, you only need to edit the
aarpd line.
An example would be:

/usr/local/cap/aarpd "eth0" "Gunn-Net-ET-Backbone"

eth0 represents the Ethernet device, and Gunn-Net-ET-Backbone represents
the zone in which the AppleShare server will reside.


CAP v6.0 - Linux patched release

Post by Roger » Sat, 18 May 1996 04:00:00

Forgot to mention that the distribution can be found at