HP DesignJet 750C + Linux

HP DesignJet 750C + Linux

Post by Steffen Rheinhol » Sat, 23 May 1998 04:00:00


I want to install Suse Linux 5.2 to print to a HP DesignJet 750C with PS
Addon and MIO (Equal to a 755CM, in fact). I can install the printer
locally and change the /etc/printcap to get it remote, when sending HPGL
files everything is fine. When the job has to be prepared by apsfilter,
the print result is set to the farmost corner of an A0 papersize, so for
every page (no matter what size) the printer wastes one A0 sheet of
paper :-((( How can I tell apsfilter / ghostscript that I have a A0
paperroll (endless) and not to waste paper but use as less as possible?
When the job is prepared by a window application or whatever, it works

Many thanks,

Steffen Rheinhold


1. HP JetDirect On HP DesignJet 750C

I've got a problem i can't solve :

I've got 3 Sun Ultra1 (Solaris 2.5)

        - one is server for an HP Designjet 750C with HP JetDirect CARD
        - the second one is server for an HP Designjet 650C with HP JetDirect
        - the third one is server for an HP Designjet 750C with a Milan BOX
(it's a the same kind of thing than the HP Jetdirect BOX)

        On the first two machine i run the hp jetadmin software and on the
third one i run the milan software.

        Here is the problem : If i send a HPGL2 file of 50Mo to the first
printer, it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to be received.

        The same file sent to the second printer takes 40 minutes to be
        And the same file to the third printer takes 40 minutes too.

        What's wrong with the first printer ? I've already inverted the HP
JetDirect card, i've inverted the server, i've inverted the cables,
nothing has changed.

        All the printers have the same configuration (20+3 Mb of RAM)
        The 2 first are also configured to be used by PC's with Novell.

If anyone can help me ...


Fabien Hory

Communaut Urbaine de Strasbourg
Service Informatique et Rseaux
Secteur de l'Information Gographique

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