swish suddenly Seg faults

swish suddenly Seg faults

Post by Stunt Pop » Tue, 06 Aug 1996 04:00:00

One of my linux boxes, running 1.2.30 I've got swish running every
hour in the crontab, re-indexing a website on the box. A couple days
ago I started seeing output on the console that looked like something
you would see in a panic (but it wasn't), and running swish by
hand resulted in a segmentation fault. Recompiled it, same deal.

Tried the magic reboot, it's been fine ever since.

I'm just curious if anyone else ran into something similar.

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1. suddenly Seg Faults on exit of gcc-compiled bins, and on gnu Make's

everything was going fine until around the time i decided to implement
shared modules on apache, and wen't to recompile it (it had compiled
fine). it seemed to me the gnu make wanted the gnu ld, so i went to add
binutils and got a make error on that package,. now, none of the
packages i was able to make can make without the Seg Faults (messages
like "your compiler cannot generate executables" "libXa.o not found").
now, when i compile my single-threaded c-code, the programs execute but
they generate a Seg Fault error on exit, causing me a problem with any
disk i/o in the buffer.

does anyone have any clue what's happening here? naively (i'm somewhat
a novice) it seems to be an interaction with the shell or the
environment. but, i went back to my old environment and it still makes
the errors. however, the old executables (not since recompiled) work
fine without the error.

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