Dual boot problem Win98SE/Suse6.2

Dual boot problem Win98SE/Suse6.2

Post by Stev » Mon, 25 Feb 2002 05:46:41

    I'm a relative neophyte to Linux, so treat me gently.

    I've got a dual boot Win98SE/Suse6.2 system working (using System
Commander). However, I've encountered one annoying problem, I can boot into
either OS with no problems. The trouble is, whenever I exit from Linux, the
primary Fat32 Windows partition (where System Commander resides) is rendered
inactive and hidden, hence the system will not boot into System Commander. I
can get round this (using Ranish Patition Manager is the easiest), however I
havn't got a clue whether its Linux/Lilo that is hiding the primary
partition or Sytem Commander itself and have no idea what to do about it.

    Please, does anyone have any ideas.



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I am new to linux, and have decided to dual boot my pc to run both Linux and
Win98 so I can get the hang of Linux for a while before running it by

I can't seem to get the install right?  The LILO doesn't write to the MBR?

I have a 20Gb Disk drive set up as follows:

15GB - Win98SE Partition
32MB - Linux Boot Partition
128MB - Swap Partition
4.8GB - Linux Root Partition

I have installed Win98 first and tried to install Linux onto the remaining
partitions - files copy ok but the LILO doesn't come up when i restart the
machine.  I have tried both with and without the above boot partition.

Is there an easy way to dual boot windows and linux???  I am not much of an
M$ fan, but would like to run both until I become more accustomed to Linux.

Any help on setting up a dual boot system would be appreciated.

Neville Valentic

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