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Is there a restricted shell available for Linux? Please respond to my
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1. TCP Wrapper / rsh problem (rsh hangs)

I just set up TCP Wrapper 7.1 on a SunOS 4.1.3 server.  We have all of our
client workstations in a netgroup called 'alltrust', and want to allow only
those workstations to rsh the server.  I have tcpd setup correctly (I believe)
in inetd.conf, and the access control files as:


        in.rshd: ALL: DENY

(I did a kill -HUP on inetd on the server when I changed inetd.conf).  When
I tested the wrapper out, I used a client in alltrust and a client not in
alltrust.  Luckily, the wrapper logs the successes and failures of rsh'ing to
the server correctly.  However, when a client not in alltrust tries to rsh to
the server (i.e. rsh server id), rsh just hangs.  I tried a test with telnet
and everything went fine.  Does anyone have an idea of what might be the

    A second, but minor, problem is that if I implement /etc/hosts.allow

it allows anyone to rsh to the server, even clients not in alltrust.  Any
clue as to what might be causing this?


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