Upgrade Question

Upgrade Question

Post by Eric Peterso » Sat, 17 Apr 1999 04:00:00

    I am upgrading my games machine (Win9x) to a celeron & 6Gig drive.  I
plan to take the Pentium board & 1.6Gig drive from it and upgrade my Linux
machine (old 486 with 2 x 300Meg drives).

    My Linux installation is basically Slackware96 with upgraded kernel with
diald and Samba (also XFree86).  Not much else.

    My question is: am I better off transferring my complete existing
installation, or should I install a completely new distribution such as Red
Hat 5.2 or the latest Slackware?

    Thanks for your help.

    Eric F. Peterson.

    Politically Incorrect, and Proud!


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Wow ! impressive !
the boot.ini thing is just so funny !

you don't have to re-install your system, you just have to configure X to
use the PS/2 mouse. The only difficulty is that PCI card modem (probably
a winmodem ?) are not actually supported by Linux.

re-installing is just a totally time loss. In last resort upgrading ...
if you really want to use your new cd !
If you want to keep all of your hardly configured system ... the safest
is to upgrade by hand at package level

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