Error from linuxconf in control-panel

Error from linuxconf in control-panel

Post by Rick Goyet » Tue, 05 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Anybody seen this one before:  I got it when I pressed the System
Configuration button in the control-panel for RedHat Linux 6.0.

linuxconf: error in loading shared libraries:
/usr/lib/linuxconf/modules/ undefined symbol:

R. J. Goyette
Argonne National Laboratory


1. RH5.2 linuxconf & control-panel

Has anyone else with RH5.2 noticed trouble with linuxconf and
control-panel processes not dying when logging out as root?

The default X-session for root starts control-panel, and i usually
log into root and start up linuxconf to start a PPP session.  Once
the session starts, i log out of root and into my normal account.  

I had been noticing some very sluggish system response, so i started
top, and i was surprised to see that the linuxconf and control-panel
processes for the root session were still running and taking up a good
bit of system resources.

SU-ing to root and killing them resolved the system sluggishness,
but ultimately i'd like to solve whatever problem is causing those
processes to remain alive after root logs out.

Just curious whether this is a real problem (bug) or something i'm
doing wrong.  Procedure i'm using to log out of root session is to
'really quit' from the window-manager menu.


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