xaw-xpm setup

xaw-xpm setup

Post by Fredric Lonngre » Sat, 12 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I was much too tired yesterday when I tried to set up xaw-xpm and
messed up my files and links pretty bad :(
Can someone that has it running with bitmaps and all mail me their
working setup. A
                        ls -l /usr/X11/lib/*aw*
would be really nice.
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1. PREVIEW: Xaw-XPM, improved Xaw(3d) replacement

Xaw-XPM is a drop-in replacement for Xaw/Xaw3d that allows you to specify
colour xpm image files to be inserted into the background of most widgets.

With this, your Xaw apps can look a whole lot better than any other
ones, including Motif! :)

Preview screenshots, including a marble textured xfontsel, and an xcalc that
you wont recognise, are at:


Note that this is only a *preview*, to whet your appetite and let you
start hunting for images. :) You will not be able to get source/binaries
I'll release this in a couple of weeks when I think it's ready, probably
into the incoming directory of Sunsite. (Don't mail me asking for a copy!)

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