FS: Panasonic CF-25 Ruggedized Laptop; Linux -ready

1. Getting Linux onto a Panasonic CF-M32 Mini-Laptop

I am repairing a used Panasonic CF-M32 and have fixed everything so
far but the keyboard (doing micro-surgery on a torn
cable -- can you say pass the silver paint?)  In the meanwhile I am
using an external keyboard.

I found that it will recognize a 128 MB SO-DIMM taking the total ram
to 160 MB even thought the documentation says it has a maximum of 96
MB (several websites confirm this and warn that it will not recognise
a 256 MB module).  I've overclocked the little 166 MHz Pentium MMX to
266 MHz with a simple motherboard mod and the heatsink temp is still
quite reasonable.

Ir you are not familure with this little machine, it is the size of a
thin hard-bound novel (like one of Clancy's), weighs about 2 lb, 3.5
oz with battery, has USB and a 800x600 screen that is pretty darn
sharp and a decent video chip.  It also supports ATA33 and UDMA.  It
has a small docking station with the usual ports and a laptop floppy
port, but no CD and no LAN (it does have 2 PCMCIA slots).  It also has
an exellent 2-button Logitec trackball built in.  It currently has
Win95 on it and is actually quite fast.  I'm assuming that it would be
rather quick with Linux as well.

The question is how to get Linux on there.  I own a LAN card, but do
not know if it will boot from the LAN.  I do not own a CD for it, but
could get one (if Linux will install from it).  I'd like to put SUSE
8.0 on it.

The only bad thing I can find about this unit is the fact that the
hard drive is not cushioned at all, and it is known for data
corruption because of this (Panasonic adressed this issue with the
Toughbook series).  Some people have mentioned mods, but no designs.
Are some brands or models of drive known for better shock resistence?



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