Problems with pppd - say's kernel doesn't support PPP

Problems with pppd - say's kernel doesn't support PPP

Post by roo » Thu, 09 Nov 1995 04:00:00

  I'm having problems with my pppd.. I was running version 0.2.7 fine, until
my ISP decided to use CHAP.. I couldn't get CHAP to work correctly, because
my ISP runs WinNt and there were problems.. Well I got the newer version
pppd-2.2, did what is said..
YES I did recompile the kernel to support PPP.
However, I get get two errors compiling ppp.c, I don't remember the exact
error message, but it will something like a invalid pointer reference at
lines 442 and 446.
Anyways, after I installed the new version it got rid of all the /dev/pppX
files, so when I boot up it says something like, undev ppp0.. or something
like that..
ifconfig just says I'm running loopback..

Well this is just really fustrating, if anyone knows why, or what I did wrong
please EMAIL me because my nntpserver it screwed..


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   I have recompiled my 2.0.35 (Slackware 3.6) kernel with PPP support
(directly in to the kernel), but after copying my zImage file to /vmlinuz,
and re-running lilo, and rebooting the machine, pppd says that there is no
ppp support in my kernel.  I know I'm booting with my new kernel - Any
ideas out there?

Thanks a alot for your help, in advance -- Ivan.

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