Odd SAMBA browse problem...

Odd SAMBA browse problem...

Post by March the Mad Scientis » Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have SAMBA up and running, as (non domain master) wins client to a
win95 network. I have 4 other machines on the ethernet, and all of them
work ok and see each other and the Linux box just fine. Until, for no
apparent reason and connected with no apparent event, all the other
win95 machines dissapear from the browse list on all the win95 machines,
the samba  machine remains (and is accessible). I can still map network
drives to any of the machines from any of the win95 machines, and
everything is still accessible, the names just don't show up in the
browse list (network neighborhood). I have read through all the samba
docs, but nothing seems to apply...

Anyone have this problem before? Any ideas?  Where should I be looking?

PS, what is the name of the samba newsgroup?



1. Samba - odd browse master/protocol prob

I've spent many hours trying to figure out why my linux box won't work as
browsemaster to no avail.  Here's what i know so far:

When I load up any of the Win95 machines in the workgroup after samba (1.9.15p8
running under linux 1.2.13) wins the browse master election, the "network
neighborhood" just searchers and searchers.  If I go to start->run and type a
share name, I can sporadically access the other clients directly, and sometimes
the samba server, too.  However, browsing does not work from any computer in
the workgroup (machines in other workgroups on the same subnet are OK).

I discovered after hours of futzing that if I change the "protocol =" in
smb.conf to CORE or COREPLUS, the browsing works perfectly.  However, these
protocols are unacceptable for our current setup (as they won't transmit
password information).  LANMAN1, LANMAN2, and NT1 are yeild the same problem
described above.

When the linux box isn't acting as browse master (os level = 0 & other machines
with bm enabled are in the workgroup), everything works perfectly.

Anyways, any help, suggestion, or clarification you can offer is greatly
appreciated.  I usually don't ask for help, but I'm quite stuck this time!


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